Monday, 2 January 2012

What a Difference a Day Made!

... 24 little hours" ... "Brought the sun and the flowers, where there used to be rain" ... Sang Dinah Washington, very memorably here . And indeed what a difference!

But firstly, many thanks to Lady M who managed to wash, dry, and have ready all the soaking kit from yesterdays washout! - Like a chinese laundry at M & M Towers for the last days outing of the enforced winter break!!! .... The last part of the Festive Triptych involved a trip to the coast!

"Oh we do like to be beside the sea ..... enough of that! although we picked a great day to spend the last day before business resumption - with a dozen miler return from Sandsend to Runswick Bay via the coastal Cleveland Way track .... Clouds? what clouds, never saw any all day ...

The Gorse was out in bloom against a Cobalt blue sky ...

... and looking back at Sandsend against a full sun, one could have been overseas?

But with the Lunar like scape of Sandsend Ness,

and the dramatic cliffs of Kettleness as a backdrop then this trail, for me, is as good as any!

I get huge energy from cracking along these coastal tracks and spend a good deal of time up here; not enough time of late but when possible it's a first choice. With such big seas and skies, anything is possible and I return a better man for the journey. It ain't the Lakes, the Dales, the Highlands or even the Alps but it does it for me. Sir John betjeman wrote of the big skies of his native Norfolk but I can boast a big seascape as well - especially from the clifftops and when the Bay of Runswick opened up then it's nearly halfway round.

With the beach cafe closed for the season :-(, didn't hang and so climbed up to the top of the village and took the return via the old, long disused but, beautiful railway track of the Redcar to Whitby Line (last used in around 1968).

The sea views remained ...

"Somewhere, over the Rainbow ... weigh a Pie!" Now mixing the song theme via a blast of Judy Garland, with the thought of the impending weight control program to be embarked upon, time to get finished for the day I fear :-).

Back in the 1960s`, this line, amongst many fell foul of the Dr Beeching Axe. Whilst the debate continues: Essential Economic reality v Aesthetic Railway vandalism, the one result is that most of us trail runners have unparalleled access to these, now, trails - anyone who runs the Hardmoor biggy or the Cleveland Way generally will be so familiar with these pics and the access is a blessing ...

especially as the light begins to fail in these Winter afternoons, and we're conveyed back safely.

That's it for the daily bloggings for me now :-). I've wished all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, told you all to go for it in 2012 and now for me it's back to business.

If anyone returns to an accountancy or legal practice tomorrow, then check me out and give me a call - naked flogging of the business but it's all systems go: Running and Business for me in 2012 and I hope to catch up with you all real soon.

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