Friday, 9 April 2010

Lyke Wake Race 2009

Lyke Wake Race - 42 miles Osmotherley to Ravenscar 11th July 2009

Lyke Wake Race ( from Osmotherley, across the moors to Ravenscar and the Sea!) started from the Sheepwash Carpark about a mile north of Osmotherley but the handicap start meant that I was away at 5.55am alone - again, the first 12 miles followed the Cleveland Way but at this time of day the temperature was 9 degrees and under a cloudless sky was just perfect.

The miles sped by ( must mention the new trail shoes - Brooks Cascadia 4 have been a revelation to me, a real armchair ride and not a blister or sore spot )

Eventually I had my first bad patch - the 13 to 17 mile section of disused train track on the tops above Rosedale was a long, long grind ( if you feel this bad , eat something on the go = Gel and Jelly Babies and water ) Eventually arrived at the checkpoint at the Lion Pub on a high moorland road and the bowl of rice pudding with peaches was most welcome as was the first bit of company I'd met that day!.

I've learnt not to stop at checkpoints otherwise I seize up and need a kick start! so straight on and now just follow the old straight track due east for about 20 miles! - across beautiful wastes of peat bogs, heather and cotton plants - interrupted by a few checkpoints but predominantly short stiff climbs and good long run offs.

Tried not to notice Fylingdales Moor in the haze, some 2 hours away yet, but felt so good that I just kept going and by the time I arrived at Eller Beck Checkpoint I knew I'd do better than my predicted 10 hours, so, once again straight off. Trouble!, got a bit lost in meandering through tough heather tracks and made a tough detour to top of hill and ... at last the sea!

Still a good way away yet but at least Fylingdales is behind us and yet another good run off to Jugger Howe the final checkpoint - Still on for hopefully sub 9 hours!. The last climb to the Radio Mast seemed to go on forever but as it arrived the whole of Robin Hoods Bay was laid out before me and an ancient pacer for a few runners pointed me to a shortcut through nettles and fields and down, down to the road for the final 1/2 mile. Pell Mell through the nettles and the field and onto the last home straight.

"You can do it!" a voice piped up "Bloody hope so I thought, 41 and a half miles into a 42 mile race" and I was through the gates at Raven Hall and breasting the tape at 8 hours 59 mins ... a close shave.

So, I still love the long trail, moorland stuff, I'm still a middle of the pack finisher, the fastest veteran was a sprightly 62 year old Keswick man who managed 6 hours 42 and came in 6th ( I was 30th) so it puts mine into context!.

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