Friday, 30 December 2011

Late December Back in `2011

A fabulous Christmas Day trek around Edale ...

Always Cloudy over Manchester way!

Ok, the final bit of the year for me and the blog ...

Whilst spending a glorious Christmas Day walking in Derbyshire, taking in all the old familiar sights, climbs, tea break spots and trails; I thought it opportune to revisit my 2011 - the highs and odd low! along with my aspirations for 2012.

Firstly, what views ... the fundamentals never change, it's all about the experience for me and always will be!

Mam Tor from Kinder Rocks

And, back in March 2011, I took 20+ minutes off my previous Wuthering Hike time! It's easy to get PB`s so early in an ultra career when - to date - only 10 have been completed.

Followed this with a 78th out of 470 odd finishes in the Swaledale Marathon of June which was my second most satisfying achievement of the year (though not the crowning one, that would be the RRR50). I don't yet have a DNF against my name but so very nearly did at the Osmotherley Phoenix 33 through poor hydration choices that left me "throwing up" on the path in the July heat.

I've been in business now for nearly 20 years and started running as the escape from the "Black Dog" of depression brought on by pressures that seemed insurmountable, I'm still here and so is the business but the last few years have been tough and decisions have been made which should see 2012 as a positive year for business and running: I'm even going to "do a bit" to get my weight down under 14 stone! yep, that's me.

Bog Hopping in the Peaks

Vest looks a little tight!! ... on an unseasonally warm but successful, for me, Grin N Bear it in October and another PB. Not vanity this weight loss thing, honest!, I just think it'd be easier on the knees for all this leaping around the bogs and stuff, and, perhaps at some point in the future I could actually include the word "compete" in the same sentence as that of a particular race I had entered.

Really enjoyed my first Round Rotherham 50, in fact my first ever 50 mile event, and notwithstanding my 25 minutes lost time wandering around Harthill, I should have got my 10 hours target time - One of my aims for 2012 for sure - all things permitting.

I also took great plesure in helping the Lady of the house get her targets of a first half marathon, 10 miler and a PB over 10K, and we will both be "off road" in 2012 with continuing support for the Mountain Rescue Teams being a priority. So far, in for the Falcon Flyer, the Saltergate Circuit and the Ravenscar Half on behalf of Scarborough and Ryedale and of course the Grin N Bear it for Woodhead (Got a number for the Trigger and hoping to make it too).

Ripley Castle at the Guy Fawkes 10 in November

To the Vasque mob ...

If it wasn't for you I'd have never found the Wuthering Hike and the whole series so a big thank you to you all - Mark, Simon and Karen - for all the experiences and friends I've encountered, I'll be back in 2012, lumbering around the Wuthering and others but probably only the "fun run" at Osmotherley as I'm giving the Lyke Wake race a good lash in the summer after it bit me back in 2010 ... and I looked like this at the end! and felt like I looked ...

Receiving my compass at the end of a very hot July trip to the coast.

Then finishing with a Round Rotherham again with an aim for a sub 10 hour finish ... Let's see.

And, sitting on Kinder Rocks, it's easy to see the appeal of the trails ...

Top of Jacobs` Ladder from Kinder Rocks

When they appear to be made of silver!!

Also got a great shot of Jacobs ladder! .... Starred to show start to finish! though it does appear steeper when you're half way up ...

And when the views across to my training range of Whin Hill, Lose Hill, Hollins Cross and Edale look as tempting as this!

Lose Hill to Mam Tor Ridge via Hollins Cross

With Edale tucked into the right hand corner .... as compared to Christmas Day last year when the view to Edale, and Jacobs` Ladder looked like this ...

And more impressively, the walk from Kinder Downfall looked like this!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and look forward to a catch up in 2012. Thanks for following my blog, really appreciate the support and comments - keep them coming please!

What will it bring for you?. Seize every opportunity ... it's later than you think :-) and make it the best yet.

See ya soon M x

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